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By Emily Hutchinson illustrated by Kelly Murphy

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5. Ligula with slightly concave to straight toothed margin; first lateral teeth outcurved. Mandible with inner tooth larger than accessory tooth. Maxillary palpus with I basal segment about 7 times as long as wide. Procercus dark, about 6 times as long as wide. Anal tubules about twice as long as posterior parapods. Posterior parapod with 1 brown claw, remainder yellowish; all claws simple; seta on base thickened, brownish, not spinulose. Remarks. The foregoing description is based on Beck and Beck's (1966) description of Pentaneura inculta Beck & Beck and one reared specimen from southern Ontario.

Larvae are described by Beck and Beck (1966). Distribution. Widespread south of treeline. Habitat. Larvae of Larsia live in a wide variety of habitats including shallow areas of cold lakes, mountain streams, and shallow warm ponds or slow flowing water (Fittkau 1962; Beck and Beck 1966). 6l-62 Monopelopia Fittkau, 1962:394; Roback 1971 :280. Body pale green to yellow; head capsule yellow. 0. R. 8. Ligula with concave toothed margin, and with first lateral tooth straight. Mandible with triangular inner and accessory teeth.

3t Tribe Macropelopiini Figs. 5. Antenna less than one-half length of head. Ligula with 4 or 5 teeth, with toothed margin straight to concave. Paraglossa single and spined to multibranched. Pecten hypopharyngis with 4 to over 20 teeth per side. Paralabial plate with 4-8 teeth. Mandible usually with I inner tooth and I accessory tooth, sometimes with row of inner teeth; base not enlarged. 5 times as long as wide. Body with lateral setal fringe. Procercus 4-10 times as long as wide, bearing 12-20 anal setae.

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