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By Paul S. Collins

Publish yr note: First released in 2001

The ancient checklist crowns good fortune. these enshrined in its annals are women and men whose principles, accomplishments, or personalities have ruled, continued, and most vital of all, came upon champions. John F. Kennedy's Profiles in Courage, Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists, and Samuel Johnson's Lives of the Poets are vintage celebrations of the best, the brightest, the ceaselessly constellated.

Paul Collins' Banvard's Folly is a special type of e-book. listed below are 13 unforgettable graphics of forgotten humans: women and men who may have claimed their proportion of renown yet who, even if from in poor health timing, skullduggery, monomania, the tinge of insanity, or simple undesirable luck—or probably a few blend of them all—leapt immediately from lifestyles into thankless obscurity. between their quantity are scientists, artists, writers, marketers, and adventurers, from around the centuries and all over the world. They carry in universal the silenced aftermath of failure, the identify that earrings no bells.

Collins brings them again to wonderful existence. John Banvard used to be an artist whose tremendous panoramic canvasses (one behemoth depiction of the complete japanese shore of the Mississippi River used to be easily often called "The 3 Mile Painting") made him the richest and most famed artist of his day. . . prior to he determined to head nose to nose with P. T. Barnum. René Blondot used to be a distinct French physicist whose celebrated discovery of a brand new type of radiation, referred to as the N-Ray, went extraordinarily awry. on the soft age of seventeen, William Henry eire signed "William Shakespeare" to a e-book and introduced a brief yet meteoric profession as a forger of undiscovered works by way of the Bard — until eventually he driven his success too some distance. John Symmes, a hero of the conflict of 1812, approximately succeeded in convincing Congress to fund an excursion to the North Pole, the place he meant to end up his thought that the earth was once hole and ripe for exploitation; his quixotic quest counted Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe between its maximum admirers.

Collins' love for what he calls the "forgotten ephemera of genius" supply his pix of those figures and the opposite 9 women and men in Banvard's Folly sympathetic intensity and poignant relevance. Their impression isn't really to make us sneer or p0revel in schadenfreude; listed here are no cautionary stories. fairly, listed here are short introductions-acts of excavation and reclamation-to humans whom background could have forgotten, yet whom now we cannot.

Literary Awards
Oregon publication Award Nominee for Nonfiction (Finalist) (2002)

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