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This may result to airpump damage. One good thing is that some airpumps are engineered to guard against this and it does not matter whether they are placed above or below the water level. The simple reason for this kind of pump failure is that when the coil (an electrical part of the airpump system) gets wet, the airpump will be damaged as soon as electricity is switched on again. Having said that, the airpump is an electrical piece of machinery which may get damaged at some point in time. Tip: Some airpumps are constructed with special non-return valves which stop water from entering them through the airhose, in which case the airpump can be on the floor.

The vital accessories may serve as decorations but we can consider the decorations to include objects like a cave and a rolling wheel. Without some of these decorations, the aquarium can still be in its best form ready for the fish. The plants, whether they be natural or artificial, are rooted inside the gravel or sand and it's best to place the large plants behind the smaller ones to enhance a richer view. A step-by-step procedure of setting up an aquarium is outlined in chapter 6. Decorations should be added as desired without congesting the aquarium space and water filled to the required level without unnecessarily tempting some fish to jump out of the water especially if the aquarium is designed with some top opening space.

You might have become very skilful in taking out the fish with your hands or with a substitute for a net but be aware that you may injure the fish without knowing. Yes you can cause an accident to happen, for example causing injuries to their delicate fins! During washing, some specific solutions (available in aquarium stores) could be added into the water. When in considerable concentration, salt water solution for example can kill some parasites like worms and other harmful organism. Never use soaps or detergents to do any washing of some sort as these may kill the fish even when a little amount is contained in the water.

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