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By Charles Ingrid

The Thraks had killed Jack Storm's commanding officer, and typhoon have been given the command of the Knights and the accountability of overcoming the Thraks. yet a mysterious new race of extraterrestrial beings had seemed at the scene--in megastar ships which annihilated human and Thrakian ships alike! unique.

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As motley as they looked, unbathed, tired, the man he sought stood head and shoulders above the crowd. Even without his armor. Pepys made a noise in his throat. He was unaware it had been heard until a hand fell on his shoulder. ” The captain was in dress blues, his own perhaps or someone else’s, poorly fitting, his muscles pulling against the seams. He’d put on bulk since leaving for Bythia. Just a boy, still growing, Pepys thought. What would it be like to be growing into your prime once more?

Chapter 10 Communion. Storm watched the troops moving below and moved as one with them, and Bogie overrode his thoughts until the blending edge between his personality and the alien’s disappeared for a moment. He brought himself back with difficulty. * “To fight? ” The being responded with surprise. ” Another thrill of surprise from the deep warrior voice echoing inside his mind. Jack smiled widely in spite of himself, a grim smile. * Jack made no answer to that, and Bogie’s mindspeech lapsed as if the being knew he wished to be alone with his thoughts.

For a moment, Jack felt a stab of panic, razor sharp. Technically, he was now an officer stripped of rank. Pepys could do that to him, if he wished. Jack had no illusions as to the strategies the emperor might employ, but he let his breath out slowly, giving way to the rationale that this was not one of them. Just the same, Baadluster noticed the flicker of his gaze toward Pepys. And misinterpreted it. “Come, come! Don’t look to him for permission to answer. ” Pepys, however, wore a pleased expression.

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