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By A. Rendle Short and C. I. Ham (Auth.)

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Stimulate chorda tympani : flushing of submaxillary gland. 2. Stimulate nervi erigentes (1st to 4th sacral) : erection of penis. 3. Stimulate sciatic with slowly interrupted shocks : limb swells in a plethysmograph. Or cut sciatic, wait a day or two for vasoconstrictors to die, then stimulate : limb swells. 4. Stimulate posterior nerve-roots : vasodilatation occurs. When any skin area is injured, a reflex vasodilatation occurs. After application of a tourniquet, vasodilatation occurs when it is removed.

From Krogh Ebbecké's ' Anatomie und Physiologie der Capillaren ', Julius Springer, Berlin. 38 THE CIRCULATION Structure of Vessels, continued. régurgitation, pulsation may be seen in the capillaries and veins. —In man, about 110 mm. of Hg in arleries (diastolic, about 70) ; 22 in capillaries ; 10 in veins of arm ; 5 to — 8 in big veins of neck. After middle life pressure rises. Pressure in veins of legs in man standing is much higher than in arms. [In dogs, arterial pressure is about 120 mm. ; venous pressure in peripheral veins, 4 mm.

In irritable skins a little lymph m a y exude along the line and form a wheal (dermatographia). T h u s the colour of the skin is due to capillaries ; the temperature of the skin to arterioles. Histamine contracts arteries b u t dilates capillaries ; adrenalin probably contracts them. Either adrenalin or pituitary appears to control capillary tone. — 1. To contract and dilate. Due either to the Rouget cells embracing them, or to contraction of capillary endothelium. 2. , dissolved in water, to the tissues.

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