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By Thrangu Rinpoche, Geshe Lharampa, Peter Roberts

Sri Satguru courses a religious Biography Of Rechungpa: in line with The Radiance Of knowledge, The existence And Liberation Of The Ven. Rechung Dorje Drak

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Someone offered him some dried meat. He took it, ground it up to powder and put it in a cotton bag to take to Milarepa. At that time Milarepa was in a cave giving dharma teachings to his pupils and said, "Oh, Rechungpa is coming and he is bringing ! A Spiritual Biography of Rechungpa a present and the whole valley will not be big enough for it. " When Rechungpa arrive, the other pupils said, "Milarepa said you were coming with a present and the valley wouldn't be big enough for it. What have you brought?

Ma for something valuable and all he's given use is a lump of tsampa. Not only that but he's asked us to go off somewhere else and eat it! " But one of the beggars said, "No. " The beggars then started dividing the dough between themselves and found the turquoise and were all very happy. The beggars went to the north and sold the turquoise for a lot of money and settled there. This place become. '' Although they had become wealthy from selling this turquoise, by the time they arrived at this place they were quite destitute.

If he were to stay and live there, it would be beneficial to many beings. However, there was a danger of Rechungpa being bitten by a worldly female dog. If that happens, then he should pray to Milarepa. RECHUNGPA GAINS STUDENTS Rechungpa then travelled north and met a gathering of people with this very fine, well-dressed monk. This monk met Rechungpa and he said, "You are a very good yogi, but it's a shame that you go around in such tattered clothing. " Rechungpa in reply sang him a song in which he said that the monk was very kind with his compassion towards him, but he was a yogi and pupil of Milarepa, so he just spent his time meditating.

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