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They put yellow liquid on me. It burned. ” said Abdul Wahab, a Malaysian caned at Pengkalan Chepa in 2004. ” The iodine solution applied by medical staff can also cause excruciating pain. “Putting iodine is quite painful so I used normal saline, then gave them an antibiotic,” said Dr Nisha, who attended to two caning victims in 1996. 1. LACK OF MEDICAL TREATMENT “We didn’t get treatment. ” Sulaiman, a 28-year-old Indonesian migrant. According to most victims, the application of an iodine solution was the only form of medical treatment they received.

As well as failing to ensure medical treatment, the authorities also fail to offer prisoners advice on how to keep their wounds from becoming infected. After the caning, guards remove the victim from the caning area, which is readied then for the next victim. The victim is then taken to an anteroom, alongside other prisoners. Rather than serving as a medical recovery room, this anteroom warehouses prisoners until they can be sent back to their cell or otherwise transferred. “They put me face-down on a bare concrete floor,” said Kop Thang, after he was caned.

What does it accomplish? ” At a government reception centre for deported migrants on the Indonesian island of Bintan, officials gathered 63 migrants who had arrived the night before for Amnesty International to interview. All of them had been caned, many of them three times. For some, the deterrent Index: ASA 28/013/2010 Amnesty International December 2010 A Blow to Humanity: 43 Torture by Judicial Caning in Malaysia effect may be minimal, however. “Two-thirds of them will be back in Malaysia in a year,” an official told Amnesty.

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